American Pain Association is currently working on the following projects:

shutterstock_325550762 copyEducation to Medical Personnel: We provide necessary educational courses and certification to medical personnel including nurses, pharmacists, physicians and others interested.

Education to Public: Several programs are available to increase awareness about Pain Management to the public. We are continuously developing more programs. 

Research: We are conducting research on basic and applied clinical topics in Pain Management. We are also providing and securing funding for these projects.

Media Resources: We provide recent up to date information to various media outlets regarding Pain Management. We have been featured in several leading media portals including CNN and NBC.

Product Development: We provide support in developing and marketing quality pain relief products to various industries. We also evaluate pain relief and related products for efficacy.

Institutional Pain Development and Accreditation: If you are an institution looking to improve Pain Management, we can collaborate with you and provide resources and accreditation.


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